Location Scouting for Photographers

I was reading an article the other day and the 2nd point was about “Location Scouting”. Which in my view photographers don’t do enough of especially if they rely on those locations because they do not have a studio. So I am going to give you some invaluable tips for a good location session which can be applied whether you shoot for fun or shoot for a living. Jodi over Read more

The Photographer’s Wedding Planner for Photoshop

My good friend Peter Ellis describes wedding photography as “an all day portrait session at 100mph” and he is not wrong. Following on from the Location Scouting for Photographers post last week. I thought I would talk about how I plan for a wedding. my basic shooting list, and my thought process in relation to the post production and the Photoshop side of things, whilst I am shooting the wedding. Read more

10 Inspirational Photography Websites

Inspiration is a wonderful tool for making better pictures. So check out these photographers for lighting, composition, subject, theme, expression, colour, post-processing etc. Learn from them and maybe borrow an idea or two, but remember to make those ideas your own… Enjoy! #1 – Rankin #2 – Dan Chung #3 – James McDonald #4 – Matt Adcock #5 – Ali Hohn #6 – Zack Seckler #7 – Norman Cavazzana #8 Read more

Powerrrrr! The PixelHK Battery Pack TD-382

I have been looking for external battery packs for my SB900′s for a while now and I think I have finally found a solution that is not only practical but a cost effective alternative to the Nikon SD9 Battery Pack. (In the interests of full disclosure and all that! I bought the battery pack as normal customer and have no affiliation with PixelHK.) I have been eyeing up the Nikon Read more

Adobe Releases Lightroom 3 Beta 2: What’s New?

I mentioned yesterday in my latest screencast, that Adobe has released the 2nd public Beta version of Lightroom 3. Its got some new features, tweaks and a lot of fine tuning that is based upon feedback from over 350,000 photographers worldwide. I have now had 24 hours to play with it and here are my thoughts on it and what I think I they should be adding to the final Read more